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If you are an affiliate marketer promoting online marketing training and software, the strategies in this guide will help you to beat the competition and skyrocket your affiliate marketing sales.

Let´s face it – affiliate marketing is hard these days! It seems like everybody is trying to promote the same products to the same crowd!

If you check your inbox, you´ll see tons of affiliates promoting the same products. However, if you choose to buy, only ONE of them will actually make money!

So, how do you compete? What can you do to outcompete them and BE THE ONE that is getting the sale, instead of struggling each and every day not making money from your affiliate efforts?

Now, let me ask you something:

When you check your inbox with all the emails from all the affiliates out there promoting some product, and you check out the product, you like the product, and you know that there are so many affiliates promoting it, how are YOU making the decision about who to buy it from?

If you´re like me, chances are you´re CHECKING OUT THE BONUSES! You´re checking out what each of those affiliates is offering as an additional bonus to the product, and, if there is something you really like, you´ll buy from him, right?

Well, even if that´s not you – trust me on this: a LOT of folks are doing it that way; they check what bonuses each affiliate is offering, pick what they like most and buy from him.

That´s why having great bonuses to offer increases your sales dramatically when you´re an affiliate marketer!

But that means that in order for YOU to be the affiliate making all the sales, YOU have to be the one with the most awesome bonuses!

To make that happen, I´v put together the guide on "How to Create Killer Bonuses"

In this guide you´ll learn:

- The 4 questions you should have in mind whenever you think about including bonuses (the one who does it is usually the one getting the sales), page 2

- The best 2 bonuses to outcompete any “regular” affiliate out there and how to make them quickly and easily

When to use PLR products as bonuses (and when not to) and where to get them from, page 3

- A secret strategy that will make you THE ONE AN ONLY PERSON to buy from in a huge segment of the market (you´ll practically have no competition whatsoever when you do this!), page 5

- How to leverage other people’s work (that they´ve invested tons of hours to get it done) to create killer bonuses in a few minutes

- 3 types of bonuses that offer tons of value, but don´t require you to put in any up front work (you´ll create them only AFTER you made the sale), page 13, 14, 15 and 16

- The type of bonus that is incredibly powerful and requires NO TIME AND WORK AT all! Yes, that´s true, you´ll learn how to create MASSIVE value for your buyers and bonuses that they´ll love you for WITHOUT doing any work! (and no, you´re not going to outsource this or have someone else do the work, since there really is no work to be done here!), page 17

- 6 Templates and Scripts for you to swipe and model, so that you don´t have to write your emails from scratch (these proven templates will save you tons of time, trial and error here)

and much, much more ….

I´m not only going to give you that killer strategies and templates,

you´re also going to get the right to SELL it or GIVE it away!

If you want to build your list and need a great opt-in “bribe”: take this report and give it in exchange for their email!

Or you want to make some quick money? Just SELL it!

Or you are promoting something and would like to offer a killer bonus? Now you HAVE ONE!

As long as you don´t modify the content, don´t claim ownership and don´t change the links – give it away, build your list, sell it!


Test this product and everything that comes with it for full 30 days, and if, for whatever reason (or for no reason at all) you don´t like it, just let me know and I´ll give you a 100% refund - immediately, no questions asked and no strings attached!

To your success,

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